I am looking for an efficient way to generate html files out of several php files that are set up to behave differently depending on the value of passed URL variables. I have about 200 pages on the site, which I make from 2-3 php files, and I had to generate a separate 'download' page that had all the information to insert into a batch file for DOS, which used Url2file, a small program that takes complete URL string as the first parameter and physical document name to save to as the second. I know one can use Wget on Linux/Unix. But I am sure there is a better mechanism for doing this, such as making a for-loop that would write to disk and generate document names on the fly (they file names depend on the value of passed variables, so the for-script would cope).

If someone has ideas or figured out how to do it, please help.
Thank you very much in advance,