I've been working on a script that doubles as both a commenting (threaded) script and a UBB-like forum. Right now, I'm having 'fun' with keeping track of the last time a user visited the forum.

Here's how I've got things set up.

There's one page: forum.php3

If no parameters are passed, then the main board is displayed (categories, etc.). If a parameter is passed, such as CAT=ARTICLES, then the appropriate forum is displayed. The problem is keeping track of when the user last visited the page.

More specifically, assume the user on the main forum view. Upon loading the page, their old cookie is used to display whether there are any new posts in any categories... and then it's overwritten with a new cookie (with the current date/time). So if the visitor, clicks into one of the categories, the cookie now has the new value.. not the old. Argh.. any help?