I have a PHP script that searches Gnutella (a peer-based file sharing program, sort of like Napster) for files. It searches one IP (client) at a time, and then moves on to the next, returning all of the results at the end. In order to obtain more results faster, I would like the script to search more than one IP at the same time. I believe this is called forking off multiple processes. Is this possible with PHP? Is this possible with a PHP-Perl combo? Please explain.

If anyone is interested in taking this on, visit http://www.ants.com/ants/auction/Sho...auctionID=1309. Ants.com is a site for freelancers to find work. I'm willing to pay $150 if someone can modify my script. I'm not proficient enough at either PHP or Perl to pull it off myself.

Ryan McKillen
Screaming Ventures, LLC

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