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    I am using web pages to search a LDAP database of employees and display their details, but only the first occurence of an

    I am now wanting to use these pages to be able to change the details.

    I require that all details be on the web page including all occurrences of an attribute.
    for example all users have 2 email addresses.

    I am using a textarea to store these details as I am unable to edit the information if it is output to a select field.

    When I send the data the 2 lines are concatinated
    ie. NOC@cca.czantonin.novak@cca.cz.
    I have tried using "<br>" <p> these only get added to the entry
    ie. NOC@cca.cz<br>antonin.novak@cca.cz.

    If I use wrap I can do it using the exact number of columns, but the length of these entries can differ with every user.

    I have looked for an answer, but can't find how to do it.

    Can you please help me.


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    I am also working on an LDAP project, I'm not sure what you are looking to do using the text area, why can you put this into a normal text field? Post some code so I can see what you are doing, I have just been populating form fields (text) and updating from there on my projects. I don't understand why you are using the textarea for this, give more details if I am not understanding the scenario.

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    It makes a nice change finding someone else using PHP and LDAP.

    As I said earlier, we use LDAP to store staff details. Some of these details use the same attributes.

    dn: cn=noc,dc=pokus,dc=cz
    objectclass: person
    cn: NOVAK Antonin Christopher
    PC: PAPI14
    PC: Pokus
    givenName: tony
    ou: STP
    ou: 32
    ou: Systemova a technika podpora
    mail: noc@pokus.cz
    mail: Antonin.Novak@pokus.cz

    I have a page which will list the details of this record if any value is specified.
    The form has the same fields as the corresponding attributes above. eg Mail, surname etc.

    This page works fine.

    I am now looking to take this a stage further and create the capabilty to amend the data from the web page.
    eg change ou to PCS, 55 and PC Support.

    If I output the data to a text field I only get the first occurence of the attribute
    PC=PAPI14 and not Pokus
    OU=STP and not 32 or Systemova etc

    I coded that the output was in a select field, that has a better appearance than textarea, but you cannot edit a select field.

    This only left me with Textarea.

    If I use the mail example my coding is:
    within PHP
    echo $mail // this displays
    // MAIL = noc@pokus.cz

    in HTML
    <textarea cols="15" name="mail"><?php echo $mail?></textarea>

    This displays in the Mail box on the form

    Thanks for any help you can give


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    Your problem lies in this line:


    HTML tags are not recognized in the textarea. You need to insert a newline character instead:

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    I would not use the textarea, too messy. A better choice would be to test for multi-value on that attribute
    and then print the value to a text field for editing. Example:

    if($linkIdentifier = ConnectBindServer($myRDN,$myPass) && $uuid != "") {


    if ($searchResult) :
    $info = ldap_get_entries($linkIdentifier,$searchResult);
    $mail1 = $info[0]["mail"][0];
    $mail2 = $info[0]["mail"][1];
    $myURL = $info[0]["labeleduri"][0];
    $commonname = $info[0]["cn"][0];
    $ou1 = $info[0]["ou"][0];
    $ou2 = $info[0]["ou"][1];
    $ou3 = $info[0]["ou"][2];

    <form action="<?php echo ($PHP_SELF);?>" method=post>
    Common Name: <input type=text name=cn value="<?php echo ($commonname);?>">
    Org Unit 1: <input type=text name=ou1 value="<?php echo ($ou1);?>">
    Org Unit 2: <input type=text name=ou2 value="<?php echo ($ou2);?>">
    Org Unit 3: <input type=text name=ou3 value="<?php echo ($ou3);?>">
    Email 1: <input type=text name=mail value="<?php echo ($mail1);?>">
    Email 2: <input type=text name=mail value="<?php echo ($mail2);?>">
    <input type=submit name=action value="Update Info">

    else :
    printf("<p>Lookup failed.<p>n");
    printf("<p>Your credentials could not be authenticated, please try again.<p>");
    echo "<meta http-equiv=refresh content=1;url=$domain/>n";

    Now just do the editing on each attribute and then do the ldap_modify with the newly updated info.


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