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    Thank you for reading this.

    I'm setting cookie with PHP3 function
    setcookie(); in one script.
    I get no warning while processing
    the script, but when I try to read the
    cookie in another script nothing is returned. I tried several combinations, but still no result.
    Can you tell me what's the problem?

    Thank you a priori.

    Sincerely yours,
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    Format for setting cookies:
    <?php setcookie("theuser",$Username,time()+31536000); ?>
    (Do this at the top of the page before you do anything else like send headers or it doesn't work.)

    theuser=cookie name
    $Username=what is set
    time()+31536000=time in seconds

    If you set a cookie for time(), that's a trick for having it expire immediately. That may be your problem.

    Retrieving cookies: $theuser.

    btw- This isn't really an advanced question, or I wouldn't know the answer. lol.
    So you'll get more replies next time if you don't title it that way.
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    I always had trouble with cookies also. But how can i set a cookie that'll never expire?
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    you can check wether cookie has been set or not using..

    if (isset($cookiename)){
    echo "Cookie has been setn";
    echo "could not set cookien";

    here is a cookie example.

    setcookie("cookiename","cookie value",time()+14400,"/","www.yourdomain.com");

    make sure that you are passing the values to 4th and 5 th argument.Otherwise your cookie won't available through out your site.

    you can retreive a cookie using cookiename.
    echo $cookiename;

    Good Luck!!!

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