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    I found a form that redisplays itself with error messages for fields not
    filled in. I am trying to alter it so if the fields are filled in it will
    redirect to another page...otherwise it will display itself with error
    messages for fields not filled in.

    The redirect works now, but I am having a problem with the script displaying
    the form twice on the same page.

    The ultimate goal of this script is to:
    1) display a form
    2)display the form again with error messages if fields are left blank
    3)redirect to another page if fields are filled in

    Here is the code......I apologize for the length.



    $form_block = "

    <FORM method="POST" action="$PHP_SELF">

    <P>Your Name:<br>
    <INPUT type="text" name="sender_name"
    value="$sender_name" size=30></p>

    <P>Your E-Mail Address:<br>
    <INPUT type="text" name="sender_email"
    value="$sender_email" size=30></p>

    <P>Your Message:<br>
    <textarea name="message" cols=30

    <INPUT type="hidden" name="op" value="ds">

    <P><INPUT type="submit" value="Send This Form"></p>



    if ($op == "ds"){
    $send = "yes";
    header("location: <A HREF="http://www.thickbook.com");" TARGET=_blank>http://www.thickbook.com");</A>

    } else if ($op != "ds") {
    // they need to see the form
    echo "$form_block";

    // check each required field and create an error message.
    // if any of the required fields are blank, set $send to "no".

    if ($sender_name == "") {

    $name_err = "
    <font color=red>Please enter your name!</font><br>
    $send = "no";


    if ($sender_email == "") {

    $email_err = "
    <font color=red>Please enter your e-mail address!</font><br>
    $send = "no";


    if ($message == "") {

    $message_err = "
    <font color=red>Please enter a message!</font><br>
    $send = "no";


    if ($send == "no") {

    echo "$name_err";
    echo "$email_err";
    echo "$message_err";
    echo "$form_block";





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    The header call must appear before any text is sent to the browser, i.e. before the <HTML>.

    Do your error checking at the beginnning of the document and call your header from there, if the condition suits it. You might want to send a hidden field with the form and then check for it at the top with an IF statement and do your checks within that IF block.
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    Beside that you can use function isset() to check whether the field is filled or not.

    if (!isset($var))
    display form

    proceed the form


    See ya !!

    ** It's the world of Oscario **

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