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    I have a PHP program that first of all, assigns an ID number to an image, then uploads the image into a directory on the server and gives it the ID number as a name (for example, 365912546.gif) and finally adds a database record containing the image ID number and the time the image is added. I then want to have a program that retrieves the images and prints them in an HTML table. But, here's the catch: I want there to be four images on each table row. So, the process that retrieves the images and puts them in a table would run four times, then restart. I've no idea how to do this at all: hopefully someone reading this does! Please help me out if you can.

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    Do you mean that there would be four cells to each row across? This is how I do it and it wprks great
    //Set this to be the number you want across
    $rows = 4;
    $i = 1;
    print '<table><tr>';
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    if (is_int($i / $rows)) {
    print '<td><img src="'. $row["imagefield"] .'"></td></tr><tr>';
    else {
    print '<td><img src="'. $row["imagefield"] .'"></td>';
    print '</tr></table>';

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