I am a ASP web programmer. I Recently started a website development in PHP3 and i found it really interesting and very easy to pick up. But when i wanted to use the sessions concept in my site to keep a track of users login and their activities, i tried to use PHPLIB.

I went thru many documentations of the same and finally started working on it. But found it very confusing. I wanted to know how does the showoff.php3 file call the crclogin.ihtml pages and how can i customize the phplib functions as per my site design.
If anyone can help me with these i would be really obliged as i have to complete the site soon and submit the same.

Or atleast if someone can tell me how to use the classes to store and retrive values into and from variables and is there any concept of global static variables in the classes in php3 so that i can use the values of the variables whereever necessary. As PHPLIB uses class variables to store session variables.