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    I'm trying to write what I thought would be a simple script to backup a MySQL database on a remote server.

    I borrowed the following code from another message posted here http://www.devshed.com/Talk/Forums/F...ML/002295.html

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana,Arial,Helvetica">code:</font><HR><pre>
    $command = "`mysqldump -h localhost -u user -pPasword db_name > backupdir/newbackup.sql`";
    if (exec($command) == 0) { echo "Backup Succesful";
    } else { echo "Backup failed";

    echo $command;


    I can get the mysqldump to work from the command line (thanks to help from rod k), but it won't run from the script. I have tried endless varieties of exec(), passThru(), virtual(), and backticks, but to no avail.

    I can successfully execute simple commands like ls -l from within the php script, but I just can't seem to get this mysqldump working. Can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong?

    Cross-eyed and almost bald,
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    Are you sure it isn't working? exec() returns the last output from the command. mysqldump doesn't return anything if it's successful so if exec($command)==0 is never going to evaluate true.
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    After more trial and error, I finally found that it's a permission problem. For some reason I can run mysqldump through telnet, but not as a web user. I guess I assumed that, since I can run MySQL queries from a web page, I would be able to run mysqldump as well.

    Miles to go, and lots more to learn.

    Thanks for your help!
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    So did you get it to work by changing around permissions?

    If not, you could also use


    That'll save your data as a tab delimited file, but it doesn't save your table definitions. To load it back into your table, you use


    I like mysqldump better, but if you can't get it to work, then this might be a viable alternative.

    Or, maybe you could have a cron job run every so often to do mysqldump for you? I'm not to familiar with cron though....

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