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    Would anyone please tell me where can I find reference in using PHPLIB.

    Setting it and also making some scripts using functions in it.

    Thanks in advance.
    See ya !!!


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    There really isn't much in the way of reference for it, you really just need to get into it and play around with it. Basically it is a set of pre-built functions to use normally I only use the session and mysql class for my sites. In order to set it up you need to a couple things. place the php folder of the library in your web docs root. Then take the local.inc and prepend.php3 files and place them in a folder within a sites directory. Go into the local.inc file and change the values of the variables to match your site and and in the prepend.php3 change the paths around to match your site. There should be a databvse definition file for creating the necessary tables in the distro. So create the tables and then you can start using it. basically on ap ge you want to use it include("pathto/prepend.php3");
    and for instance to use the db functions you would do:
    $db = new DB;
    Sample functions
    $db->query("SELECT * from tablename");
    while ($db->next_record()) {
    print $db->f(username);
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    I started using PHPLib about 3 weeks ago and have been visiting http://phplib.netuse.de
    frequently. I agree about playing around with it. The documentation on certain classes isn't the best. I have been playing with it for many hours and am just now finally understanding it.
    Good luck

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