I have discovered a really annoying thing with mysq database dumps. This is the problem:

I have a mysql database which I want to make a dump of for backup purposes. One of the tables in the database contains alot of urls. Some of the urls contains the sign #. This sign is also used for commenting in the dump. It is no trouble when making the database dump but when I try to load it back into the database. Mysql thinks that everything that comes after the # sign should be concidered as comments and the uploading of the dump fails.

If you know how to get around this problem please post the solution!

Here is an example of the problem:

INSERT INTO external_link VALUES ( 'http://www.pb.edu.jonkoping.se/pedagog/fe.htm#svenska', 'Ej namn', '107', '', '136', '2', '0', 'Bild URL', '', '0');