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    thanks so far for your input. Now I'm trying to order my output (tables of DB) into pages that means let's say after 10 rows I want to have a new page which I want to select by clicking on the page number.
    Thank you very much.

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    this is a lot fun..

    You can do this a few different ways, this is pretty much how I do it.

    my sql statement uses the LIMIT pos,limit

    You need to make the the pos a variable, naturally your first request sets the value of post to 0, and you can set the limit to the number of results you want on a single page, like say 30.

    sql will output your results, then you need to have PHP create a link, to call the next X records, from your query.

    here's a working example of what I use.

    $limit = 30;
    if ($pos == "") {
    $pos = 0;

    $sql_result = "SELECT * FROM customers";
    $count_result = mysql_query($sql_result);
    $num = mysql_numrows($count_result);
    $sql_result = "SELECT customer_id,account_num,company_name,host_acct,status,isp_email FROM customers";

    if (!$order) { $orderby = "ORDER BY customer_id ASC"; }
    else {
    if ($order == "account_num") { $orderby = "ORDER BY ".$order." ASC"; }
    else { $orderby = "ORDER BY ".$order.",account_num ASC"; }

    $result = mysql_query($sql_result.=" $orderby LIMIT $pos,$limit");

    echo "my table starts heren";

    $i = 0;
    while($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    $x = $myrow[0];
    $y = $myrow[1];
    $z = $myrow[2];

    echo "";

    //display a "back/next" based on number of rows in the query.
    echo "<tr>n";
    echo "<td colspan="8" align="center">";

    $pos_next = $pos + $limit;
    $pos_prev = $pos - $limit;
    $end = $num - $limit;

    if (($num > $limit) && ($pos < $num)) {
    if ($order) { $orderAd = "&order=$order"; }
    echo "<a href="$PHP_SELF?list=yes".$orderAd."&pos=0" class="links"><< Begin</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;";

    if ($pos >= $limit) {
    echo "<a href="$PHP_SELF?list=yes".$orderAd."&pos=$pos_prev" class="links">< Previous</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;";

    if ($pos + $limit < $num) {
    echo "<a href="$PHP_SELF?list=yes".$orderAd."&pos=$pos_next" class="links">Next ></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;";
    echo "<a href="$PHP_SELF?list=yes".$orderAd."&pos=$end" class="links">End >></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;";

    echo "</td>";
    echo "</tr>n</table>n";

    This example also offers the use a way to "alter" the ORDER BY of the results, hence the $orderAd variable, you'll notice how we pass the $pos variable.

    I hope this helps to answer your question.

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