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    I'm not sure if this message is an HTML or PHP question,
    I have a header frame and a body frame. I want the php file that is loaded from a submit button in the body frame to grab a variable from the header frame. That variable is used when I insert the data into the sql database.
    Jon Reid
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    Eh, not sure I really follow here..

    "IF" I follow you, you want to pass a value to PHP in a framed site..

    frankly, about the only way I can think to do this is perhaps using an "onLoad" event in the "header" frame, the onload would have to specify the "target" ie.. your content frame, or whatever frame you want to field the value.

    In short, it sounds like a JS function would have to be called.

    Otherwise, you have to find a way to get your visitor to "click" a link and use a get method..

    even the onLoad method will provoke a get method.

    again, I'm not real sure.. my first try would be something like..


    function passIt(link) {
    my js to pass the link to the contentFrame

    That's about the only thing I can think of, and just might do the trick..

    Actually.. why not just pass the variables when you call the frameset?

    specify the variable in the document that loads your frames, since you have to call the specific document.. you could add your get name/value pairs to the frameset...

    This could be used to produce output based on your visitor, or whatever..

    just an added thought.

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