Thanks for replying..

Im having problems with setting up PHP 4.0 on a Win9x system running PWS.

The problem is. IT DOESN'T WORK!


Anyway, if any of you can help me i would appreciate it.

Steps i took to install
1. Unziped files into Chp
2. Copied php.ini.dist into C:windows
and renamed to php.ini
3. Created registry vaule in the scriptmap key. value="chpsapiphp4isapi.dll"
4.Coppied, php4ts.dll, and all the dlls in the chpdlls directory into C:windowssystem
5. Opened the PWS consol and opened the home folder properties and checked execute.
6.Restared computer
7.Tested (basicly did a
It says "500 Internal Server Error"