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    i want to delete myads using expire date,based on scripts;
    $sql="delete from data where ??????
    i dont know how to delete my dataon mysql server using php,or how to do it,do i have to add column date and compare it?
    are mysqldate and php date understanding each other how tocombine them on such operation above?
    thank you

    great hope of palembang ,indonesia
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    First of all your logic is wrong here...

    The line
    will never be true since $today = current time and $expire_date is current time + 120 days.

    I don't know how myads works, so this might be totally wrong, but to hopefully help you get things going:

    Use a table with a column for expire date, which is set when you add things to your table (ie $expire_date=time()+(86400*120)). When you're about to delete things from this table, you compare the stored expire_date with $today=time(), and if this evaluates true, you can delete it with $sql="delete from data where expire_date<=$today".

    Check the manual for what format to use when storing expire_date and comparing the dates, but I would use timestamp and MySQLs built in functions for time, like now(), sysdate() etc.

    Hope I made some sense here


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