i'm trying to compile for apache the php with a link for functions ldap
In a static way with apache , i have to launch a configure for apache first , then i go to php and i launch a configure --with-apache= directory apache --with-ldap = directory ldap and i finish with make and make install for php
this is functionning
The last thing to do is to activate module php for apache with the following command
for apache :
./configure --activate-module=/src/modules/php3/libphp3.a
and after make and make install
but when i launch the make the functions ldap aren't not found
I use apache 1.3.12 , php 3.0.17 and openldap 1.2.11 and a linux mandrake 7.0
Can you help me , any clue are wellcome or URL address to have in details how to operate

thank you very much

guilhem michel