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    PHP-Google scraper running against the API - how to obtain the code

    helllo dear buddies

    Is it possible to scrape the Google search results page using PHP to pull out the total number of search results found? If so how would I go about doing this?

    Well i f ound the great script of http://google-rank-checker.squabbel.com/

    how to obtain the www.seo-proxies.com API password

    note: is this a Google-API-Code!?

    /* License: open source for private and commercial use
       This code is free to use and modify as long as this comment stays untouched on top.
       URL of original source: http://google-rank-checker.squabbel.com
       Author of original source: justone@squabbel.com
       This tool should be completely legal but in any case you may not sue or seek compensation from the original Author for any damages or legal issues the use may cause.
       By using this source code you agree NOT to increase the request rates beyond the IP management function limitations, this would only harm our common cause.
    // ************************* Configuration variables *************************
    // Your seo-proxies api credentials
    $pwd="2b24aff3c1266-----your-api-key---";            // Your www.seo-proxies.com API password
    $uid=YOUR_USER_ID;                                   // Your www.seo-proxies.com API userid
    love to hear from you

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    No, that would be against Google's Terms of Service.
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    hello my dear

    thx alot - i just have read it

    Originally Posted by ptr2void
    No, that would be against Google's Terms of Service.

    after reading it twice i have gained some knowlege - well i guess that for scraping we need a number of high quality IPs.

    Hmm - The script is able to correctly manage such IPs (delays, switching between IPs etc).
    The developer has used a number of proxy servers in the past and had a lot of issues, SEO-Proxies works flawless for him - he said.

    Well do i need several ips or can i run the script without any ip!?

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    The point is that you are not allowed to do this.

    Here is the relevant piece of Google's TOS:
    Donít misuse our Services. For example, donít interfere with our Services or try to access them using a method other than the interface and the instructions that we provide.

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