Hi Everyone,

I've partly figured out how to change my URLs but I'm having trouble with fixing the space(%20) that's located in my URL.

I've tried using the str_replace function but it's either not working or I'm not doing in correctly.

My goal is to turn this URL (first one below this statement) into the URL that's below the first one. I'm having a hard time figuring this out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Everyone!

(URL that works but it has %20, which is something I don't want)

(URL that does not work but I'm attempting to make the above URL look like this one)

My .htaccess code is below as well. Thanks again everyone!

PHP Code:
include('init.php'); // connection to database

// if city exists...
if (isset($_GET['u'])) {
// $city = str_replace(' ','-');
    // decode and replace hyphen with space
    // $city = str_replace('-','',urldecode($_GET['u']));
    // $city = str_replace('%20','-',urldecode($_GET['u']));
$city str_replace('%20','-',urldecode($_GET['u']));
// $city = str_replace(urldecode($_GET['u']),' ','-');
    // $city = str_replace('','-',urldecode($_GET['u'])); 
    // $city = str_replace('-','','%20','-', urldecode($_GET['u']));
    // if value contains only letters, numbers or spaces...
if ( preg_match('~^[a-z0-9 ]+$~i',$city) ) {
// select data from database...
$data mysql_query("SELECT State, City FROM cars WHERE City='$city'" );
        if (
mysql_num_rows($data) > 0) {
            while (
$row mysql_fetch_assoc($data)) {
'This is what I get when I echo $_GET '.$_GET['u'].'<br>';
PHP Code:
RewriteEngine On
^([^/]+)/(.*) /auto/cars.php?s=$1&u=$[L,NC