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    Php form not receiving checkbox data

    i am working on a form. All information is received correctly except for the the data from checkboxes.
    I've seen lots of examples online, but i can't get mine to work! I believe the problem is in the javascript but i just can't figure it out. Thanks for your help.

    Here is a bit of my HTML:

    <form id="contactForm" name="listForm" action="#" method="post">
    <input type="checkbox" id="A12 SS MER 19H30 CAS" name="choice2" value="260" onchange="checkTotal()"class="form-poshytip" title="Cochez ici" />
    <label>Mercredi 19h30 22h, niveaux 1,2,3</label>
    <input type="checkbox" id="A12 SS MER 19H30 CAS" name="choice" value="260" onchange="checkTotal()"class="form-poshytip" title="Cochez ici" />
    <label>Mercredi 19h30 22h, niveaux 1,2,3</label> <br/>

    <input name="nom" id="nom" type="text" class="form-poshytip" title="Entrez votre nom" />


    // on submit...
    $("#contactForm #submit").click(function() {

    var nom = $("input#nom").val();
    var choice = $("input#choice").val();
    var choice2 = $("input#choice2").val();
    var sendMailUrl = $("#sendMailUrl").val();

    //to, from & subject
    var to = $("#to").val();
    var from = $("#from").val();
    var subject = $("#subject").val();

    // data string
    var dataString = 'nom='+ nom
    + '&choice2=' + choice2
    + '&choice=' + choice
    + '&to=' + to
    + '&from=' + from
    + '&subject=' + subject;
    // ajax
    url: sendMailUrl,
    data: dataString,


    $subject = $_POST['subject'];
    $to = explode(',', $_POST['to'] );

    $from = $_POST['email'];

    $msg = "NOM: ".$_POST['prenom']."<br> "
    .$_POST['choice2]." <br>"

    $headers = "MIME-Version: 1.0\r\n";
    $headers .= "Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8\r\n";
    $headers .= "From: <".$from. ">" ;

    foreach($to as $mail){
    mail($mail, $subject, $msg, $headers);
    <?php echo "Xy6Hy";?>:
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    Welcome to the forum. There are a few problems with your question that make it difficult to understand what you are asking. First you need to enclose your PHP code in [ PHP ] tags and other code in [ CODE ] tags. See ManiacDan's New User Guide to learn how to post a question that will result in useful help along with many good debugging tips. Second, a minor point, Java != Javascript. Third and more directly related to what you are asking, I see no reference to your checkboxes in the PHP code so it is not clear if this is a javascript question or a PHP question.
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    In jQuery, calling .val() on a checkbox doesn't take into account whether or not the checkbox is checked.

    To do that, you need to use something like this:
    Which will evaluate to true or false depending on whether the checkbox is checked. If it is checked, you can then retrieve and include its value if you wish.

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