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    Question Need info on Performance

    Hi All,

    I am developing a portal in PHP (YII framework) and MySql DB.
    I have 2 queries related to performance of a portal.

    1> How to organize the file/directory structure so that the file/s will be accessed at optimal performance.
    for ex : if we take website like Facebook we can see that they are keeping Javascript, CSS and images in different domain(or some websites storing these files in sub domain) What is the use of keeping the scripting files (JS, CSS,Image folders, etc) in another domain. will it help in achieving greater performance?

    2> I want to know about hosting, whether hosting on a dedicated server is better or Cloud hosting is better. (Since i am expecting at least ten thousand hits a day)

    Also any further discussion on managing Portal/ Security of Portal is appreciated.

    Thx in Adv.
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    Unless you do something drastically wrong, the organization of your files and directories has very little effect on performance.

    Splitting the static resources onto separate sub-domains is normally done because the site has more than one server and it splitting the load across them. For a number of reasons, this approach will make your site load faster for some users at the cost of extra load on your servers.

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    1) As oreo said, the file structure doesn't matter.

    2) You're just now writing a website and expecint 10,000 hits a day? Devshed has been around for nearly 20 years and barely gets that some days. However, for a properly designed site, 10,000 a day isn't a lot. You can start on a shared/cloud host and then move to a dedicated host if your traffic follows the pattern you think it will.
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