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    Don't see the header mistake..

    I don't see the headers already sent mistake here.. It says on lines 3 and 11... does anyone see it?

    <?php require('../includes/connect.php');
    $postTitel = $_POST['postTitel'];
    $postInhoud = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['postInhoud']);
    $paginaID = $_POST['paginaID'];
    if($postTitel != "" && $postInhoud != "" && $paginaID != ""){
    mysql_query("INSERT INTO posts VALUES ('','$postTitel','$postInhoud','$paginaID')");
    header('location: index.php?status=success');
    } else {
    echo "1 of meerdere velden niet ingevuld";
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    You could try putting

    PHP Code:
    at the start, and

    PHP Code:
    at the end of your script. Also make sure you start your session in the right place, and not do it twice.
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    after 61 postings, you really should know how to use the [ PHP ] code tags.

    I'm pretty sure there's something (whitespace?) above your code, because the line numbers obviously don't fit the actual lines.

    Put the exact script content in code tags and give us the concrete error message.
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    Please read the new user guide, I know you've been asked to before. Unformatted code is very annoying to read.

    There is no output in this script aside from...the actual output you have there near the bottom.

    You say the header error is given for lines 3 and 11, yet the header call itself is on line 8 of what you showed. Do you have lines before this code? Is the error in THIS code or in your include file?
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