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    Contact.php not found. Server issue?


    I am not very familiar with php unfortunately.

    I am trying to set up a contact form: uebersee.com.sg/contact.html

    But my server doesn't find the respective contact.php ("Nothing found for contact Php)"

    This is the server:
    Server: Localhost via UNIX socket Server version: 5.5.27-cll Protocol version: 10

    Does anyone have an idea what's missing or what I do wrong?

    Thanks so much!


    PHP Code:

    // Enter your e-mail address.
    $to 'name@name.com';

    // Go to your-site.com/contact.php?test to send a testing email.
    if ( isset($_GET['test']) ) {
    mail($to'Message from contact form''It\'s working!''From: ' $to "\r\n");
    'Testing e-mail has been sent.');

    // Validate e-mail.
    function isValidEmail$email null ) {

    // Validate input.
    if ( !empty($_POST['name']) && isValidEmail($_POST['email']) && !empty($_POST['text'])) {
    // Set e-mail headers.
    $message $_POST['text'];
    $headers 'From: ' $_POST['name'] . ' <' $_POST['email'] . '>' "\r\n" 'Reply-To: ' $_POST['email'];
    // Send e-mail.
    if ( mail($to'Message from contact form'$message$headers) ) echo 'sent';
        } else {


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    This is not a PHP issue. Assuming contact.php is the code you posted then it means wherever you put it is not in documentroot or the url is wrong. Make sure the URL is correct with respect to documentroot and that you have contact.php in that path.
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