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    PHP command to refresh browser once?


    What is the PHP command that tell the browser to simply refresh the screen once in order to make sure that the content of that page is truely updated.

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    There isn't one. Refreshing the browser is client side action while PHP is server side.
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    refreshing the whole page is also a rather ugly way to update data. I hate pages that do this.

    Most of the time it isn't even necessary, because people usually don't stay on a single page for hours or something. But if you do think you need it, use AJAX to reload specific parts of the page.
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    As mentioned a total refresh isn't very user friendly and takes up network bandwidth that you may not need to do if the amount of data to be updated is small. Sure you could use a javascript window.location call or an HTTP refresh but you may be better off polling via AJAX for new info and sending it back with the response if there is any.
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    If you're having caching problems then that's something you should specifically deal with. Out of the box you should be fine so it probably means something was added to instruct browsers to cache pages.

    If you have dynamic content on the page that needs to be refreshed... once ... then a meta refresh or AJAX is best.

    Otherwise what problem are you trying to solve, and (if it's not obvious) why do you think refreshing the page is the solution?
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    read up on the cache-control headers. http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/...4.html#sec14.9

    you should be able to set the max-age of the page to something small which will force all (good) caches to revalidate. If you are expecting people to sit on the page for a long time and you want it to refresh, then you should do like everyone above me in this thread has said, and use ajax.
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