I have been researching some strategies to optimize a web application I am working on particularly related to web browser caching and dynamic data. Since potentially the same dynamic content may be loaded multiple times in a session, I came up with the following method using PHP's output buffer and using a hash of the content as an ETag.

I realize that the only thing I really save with this method is the transfer of data back to the user since the PHP script still has to completely run, but I was curious if anyone has done something similar and if there are any thoughts or concerns I should be aware of or what other methods may be better.

Here is the code I am including at the top of each page:

PHP Code:
function hash_buffer($content) {
$buffer_hash crc32($content);
    if (
$_SERVER['HTTP_IF_NONE_MATCH'] == $buffer_hash) {
header('HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified');
header("ETag: $buffer_hash");
header('Cache-Control: private, no-cache');
header("ETag: $buffer_hash");