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    Server with PHP?


    I am new to PHP and I am asking this question mostly to see if its possible or not. I am trying to develop an Instant Messenger. I know I need a two applications;

    1. the server - accept new clients, return list of clients, forwards message from one client to the other.
    2. the client - connects to server, get list of other clients, sends messages to other clients.

    For this design to work on the Internet I need to have the server application running on a machine with a static IP.

    The problem is that I do not have a machine with a static IP...

    ... But I do have hosting which allows me to run PHP!

    So I was thinking if I could write my server in PHP. I did a quick search on the Internet and I did find some examples. However I noticed that some examples are meant to run as programs (while a hosted PHP file would need to be triggered with a browser call I guess). I found an example which does work on my hosting (not all examples work) but connection times out after a minute or two and even trying to increase this timeout changes nothing.

    So I was thinking; Is writing a server in PHP and host it possible? reasonable? Or just a really bad idea?

    I would be interested to know why its a bad idea (if it is a bad idea) because it would help me learn.
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    Your server will be a web server running something like php (or php, given you asked about php in a php forum) and a database (like mysql)

    This serves web pages with html and javascript to the client's web browser - this forms the client app.

    See something like this (the downloadable open source version): http://www.phpfreechat.net/
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    Given that this is a chat client (with no real requirement for long term message storage) you should probably store the messages themselves in memcache, and only use a real database for long term credential storage.

    PHP is not designed to be run as a daemon, sitting and listening for traffic.
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