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    API affiliate tracking service like hasOffers

    1.A customer makes a purchase. The purchase needs to connect back to an affiliate tracking service like hasOffers, and it accepts an HTTP POST in their API. Just making up fields in your mind for a typical purchase, and making up the HTTP POST API in your mind about an affiliate tracking service (where affiliates get paid a percentage of a purchase referral), how would you send the request off to the API, and what kinds of pitfalls would be important to ensure is in place here? Please share some code (even if incomplete) as you try to describe this process to us.

    2.How would we intercept a download click on a web page and yet fire a tracking “pixel” at the moment this is clicked? Please share some code (even if incomplete) as you try to describe this process to us.

    3.You are writing a customer purchase transaction logfile in a script so that we can use it to troubleshoot problems. What are some of the concerns you would have when writing logfiles? Describe this to us. Please also share some code (even if incomplete) where you would try to alleviate some of these concerns?

    Please Reply ASAP...!!!!
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    Originally Posted by jadoon
    Please share some code (even if incomplete)
    Sure, here is your incomplete code:
    PHP Code:

    // code goes here

    We don't write code for free here. We help you with problems you are having with your code. Have a try on your own, and see how you go. If you have issues with your code, then post it in this forum and we'll help you get it working.

    The API you want to use should have some good documentation on how to use it etc (if not, find one that does).
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    These sound more like abstract interview questions than a concrete problem. If you're completely clueless about the answer to these questions it probably means the job is not a good match for you.

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    • sir_drinxalot agrees : i was thinking maybe homework but interview fits much better :)

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