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    $_REQUEST a massive array of everything

    I am busy writing a function to request data that has been sent to the same page.

    It works on my windows laptop with LAMP configured on it, when I uploaded my code to my server, it just does not $_REQUEST it correctly.

    Is there a way to make this more robust or any suggestions you have?

    PHP Code:
    private static function RequestPassedData($query)
    $trigger false;
    $query strtoupper($query);
    $result_set mysql_query($query);
    $arrayQuery explode(" ",$query);
    $ret_val "";
                for (
    $i 0$i<sizeof($arrayQuery);$i++)
                    if (
    $arrayQuery[$i]=="FROM"$ret_val .= "table;".$arrayQuery[$i+1].";";
            while (
    $rows mysql_fetch_array($result_set))
            for (
    $i $i<(sizeof($rows)/2); $i++)
                if (isset(
    //$ret_val .=  "fieldID;".mysql_fieldname($result_set,$i).";fieldValue;".$_REQUEST[mysql_fieldname($result_set,$i)].";";
    $ret_val .=  mysql_fieldname($result_set,$i).";".$_REQUEST[mysql_fieldname($result_set,$i)].";";
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    what's the exact content of $_REQUEST? What about $_POST and $_GET?

    Apart from that, your function looks a bit ... weird. Why do you uppercase the whole query? What if you have strings in it? Why do you use a while loop when you immediately break it after the first iteration? Why do you use those weird (and inefficient) mysql_fieldname constructs instead of simply fetching an associative array with mysql_fetch_assoc?

    Also note that the old MySQL extension is obsolete since almost 10 years and will be officially deprecated in the next PHP version. But I guess it's too late to switch?
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    isnt there a setting in PHP that allows $_REQUEST variable to not "be turned on"? in php.ini
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    I'm not sure what this function even does or why it's so unnecessarily complex, but the basic answer you want is "don't use $_REQUEST, use $_GET, $_POST, and $_COOKIE where appropriate." $_REQUEST is a "cheating" hold-over from older versions of PHP and, as you've found, may not be turned on.
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