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    Question about variable names in query

    When I run this query (php/mssql) - I get an error for "undefined variable opt_out_m002... There should be 260 opt out variables returned... Can anyone see what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

    PHP Code:

    $tsqloocat "SELECT * FROM [abc].[dbo].[my_db]  WHERE  (id_service=?);";  

    $paramsoocat = array($id_service); 
    $optionsoocat =  array( "Scrollable" =>SQLSRV_CURSOR_KEYSET );  

    $stmtoocat sqlsrv_query($conn$tsqloocat$paramsoocat$optionsoocat); 

    $stmtoocat === false ) { die( print_rsqlsrv_errors(), true )); }  

    $row_countoocat sqlsrv_num_rows$stmtoocat );  

    // NO ROWS
    if ($row_countoocat === false) {echo "Error in retrieving row count."; }         

    // ROW(S) FOUND - START 
    elseif ($row_countoocat 0) {  
    $count '000';      

    // LOOP - SET TERMS - START     
    while( $rowoocat sqlsrv_fetch_array$stmtoocatSQLSRV_FETCH_ASSOC)) {          

    // SET VARIABLES        ${'opt_out_m'.sprintf("%03d",$count++)}=$rowoocat['opt_out_m'.sprintf("%03d",$count++)];                    echo ${'opt_out_m'.sprintf("%03d",$count++)};      // LOOP - SET TERMS - END     }  // ROW(S) FOUND - SET TERMS - END } 
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    PHP Code:
    Don't ever do anything like this. Use arrays, that's what they're for.

    I don't know why you closed your own thread before getting any replies, but that's the answer. Variable variables are difficult to understand and unnecessary.
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