I have something which i need some advice on how to get obout it from great guys here in this forums. We have great people on this forum and i am happy to be a member of this great place.

There is a company that that searches online manaully to book hotels; looking for restaurants , phamacvies and many others. What this guys do is each time they have a someone travelling from abroad and they have to book the person a hotel, maybe a doctor or something else ; they will have to go online manually to search on google to get all those infos.

I think this is very straneouse and time consuming. So i came up with an idea that i wish to build an application in PHP that when ever they need a doctor , hotel in any particular country they are in they just need to plug in hotell to the application i want to write and the application should be able to manually search all the possible hotels in that particular region with exact information.

I am an African - West Africa -cameroon . The company is currently operating here in cameroon and most of the clients are from France and abroad.

Please i need some advice on how to get along with this , thanks for your help in advance.