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    Whats the fastest way to apply a function with arguments to an array of data

    I want to apply html entities to an array - which could theoretically have a large number of elements.

    When looking at looping functions I always look for a native php way of handling it as I feel that the internals of php are faster than the userland interpretted code...so I would use array_map, for example:

    PHP Code:
    $data array_map('htmlentites',$data); 
    However, I actually want to call

    PHP Code:
    on each element

    I'm currently running this in a for-each loop....but want to know if there's a faster way....and if there's a recursive way for if the array is 'multi dimensional'
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    use a custom function to act as a wrapper for htmlentities(). This way you also don't have to repeat the same parameters again and again:

    PHP Code:

    function escape_html($input) {
    htmlentities($inputENT_QUOTES ENT_XHTML'UTF-8');

    $data = array('a<''b>');
    $esc_data array_map('escape_html'$data);
    Starting with PHP 5.3, you can also use closures and do this JavaScript-style:

    PHP Code:
    $esc_data array_map(function ($input) {
    htmlentities($inputENT_QUOTES ENT_XHTML'UTF-8');
    And there's array_walk() and array_walk_recursive().
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