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    Are php notices that important? It takes quite some time to declare all variables.


    Are php notices that important? It takes quite some time to declare all variables.

    Isn't it a better idea to just turn notices off rather than spending time on it?

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    the problem with notices (or any error messages) is that computers cannot distinguish between you being sloppy on purpose or you making an actual mistake.

    Let's say there's an undefined index. There are two possible cases: You do not expect the entry to exist, but you've simply left out the isset() test out of laziness. Or you do expect a valid entry, but you've made a typo, or the entry doesn't exist due to a previous bug, or whatever.

    If you turn off notices, you ignore both cases. This means you may have serious errors in your code, but you tell PHP to keep quiet. This is obviously a bad idea.

    The solution is to write correct code that doesn't generate any notices. Yes, you may need a bit more boilerplate code. But on the other hand, you won't miss any bugs when they happen.

    Don't sacrifice quality and correctness just to save yourself a few keyboard strokes. PHP is already pretty sloppy and gets out of your way as much as possible. Most other languages are much stricter and make you work much harder to satisfy the compiler/interpreter. Don't abuse that sloppiness.

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    When I came into my current job the first thing I did with our application was turn on notice/warning reporting in my dev environment, which nobody had done previously. I was lambasted with messages and I ended up going through pretty much the entire code base cleaning things up.

    Sometimes it was simply adding an isset() check, sometimes it was declaring a variable better, and sometimes actual bugs were revealed.

    Needless to say it's a lot better to have programming habits that prevent these from occurring to begin with, rather than finding yourself someday going back and having to correct them all.

    And if you're contracting for someone and give them code that they turn around and run with notice/warnings on, them seeing a slew of messages will reflect poorly on you.
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    Have to agree, I'd prefer to be 'forced' into variable declaration, but I do it out of habit anyway.
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    It takes quite some time to declare all variables.
    PHP doesn't have declarations the way other languages do. What, exactly, is the line of code which takes too long?
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