Howdy all, thanks in advance for your help. I am creating a plugin that uses the administration screen extensively (adapting a rather complex, MVC program to WordPress for Creative Collaboration). I want do use simple urls so that when a user goes to /studio/whatever the url is rewritten to the correct admin screen.

There is probably a better way to do this. This is the end result that I'm looking for:

gets rewritten to:

I've actually gotten this to work with the following code:
PHP Code:

cs_rewrite_rules() {
$new_non_wp_rules = array(
'studio/(.*)'   => 'wordpress/wp-admin/admin.php?page=_cs&uri=$1',
$wp_rewrite->non_wp_rules += $new_non_wp_rules;

I've used several analyzers and the URL is being rewritten fine. However, when I run it in wordpress, I am redirected to a login screen. The loop is infinite. I never get to the admin panel. However, if I go there directly, everything works wonderfully.

There is probably another way to do this. I considered using template_redirect or template_include as discussed in another thread, but neither of those give me the admin credentials or boot process.

I am stuck and would love some help.

Thank you,