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    5 Genuine Reasons to Choose php?

    Hi friends ,
    I want to develop a website and i have many options to choose programming language.So which language is best for me. And tell

    me 5 genuine reasons to choose PHP...........?
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    I thought you were already using Joomla.

    PHP is easy to learn, has forgiving syntax and variable typing, has relatively simplistic object model, is good for rapid prototyping, and has the most community support.

    However, Python is easier to learn, Ruby is better for rapid prototyping, etc. If you don't know any languages, PHP might be your best bet due to the sheer volume of information out there about it. Do note however that many PHP tutorials are out of date. Anything published more than 5 years ago should be avoided. This includes w3schools.
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    I am professional java developer, but when it came to comparatively small and simple web-sites I prefer to do them in PHP though I know it not so good.

    PHP has some advantage being loosely typed and scripting - of course these could be disadvantages also when you are developing too reckless. Java is more sturdy if you cook it well but it is also more verbose and more resource-eating.

    As for me PHP is good enough when I am sure that no other people would mess into my code - searching for bugs in PHP is definitely far more painful business - and the same problem with refactoring.

    There are few more considerations of the same kind. Shortly speaking PHP is less obliging and less organized. Sometimes it is good, sometimes bad.

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