Hello Devshed Forums,
I've come up with a brand new script.
Its a URL Shortener service that lets you hide URLs behind short URLs and also helps you to remember URLs.
For example, the url for Hack Community(http://hackcommunity.com) would be like this : http://makeitsmall.tk/hc
I've shown this just for demonstration, you can convert long and complicated URLs like :
to something as simple as this :
Its made using laravel framework and my first project made in laravel. All you need to do is upload the script, make a mySQL database for its use and then install it.
Then there you go, anyone can make an account in your website using their email ids and shorten URLs.

Here is a website where this script is being used : http://makeitsmall.tk

Here are the download links to the script :
http://www.mediafire.com/download/jbe5bea1edstbop/urls(without%20public_html).rar : for hosts WITHOUT separate public_html folder
http://www.mediafire.com/download/wwwhgbvbkoflwbn/urls.rar : for hosts WITH separate public_html folder

Enjoy!!! Please do give feedback!!