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    Storing files in /tmp/ directory

    I have the following directories:

    I wish to allow a user to temporarily store a file for less than an hour which has a random name.

    Should I store in in the common /tmp/ directory, or the individual user's /tmp/ directories? How best to clean up the directories after a given amount of time?
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    Unless the other users are going to need to access each others files, I'd put them in their individual folder. As for cleanup, run a cronjob that calls a shell script which tests if the file was create > 1 hour ago and if so, delete it.

    Unless of course there's a database involved in which case you'd have to employ a PHP script to do the delete (unlink) and removal from the DB at the same time. But you could still use cron to run every minute to find all files > 1 hour old and pass the results via $_GET to the PHP file.
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    i agree with badger_fruit's answer.......

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