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    Lightbulb How can I create this website?? Please help

    I have this neat idea for a website; I want to create a page that has a list of everyone's name in my high school. People could go on my site and register, so they can anonymously say that they have a crush on a person. They click on a button by their crush's name and boom is says "1 person has a crush on _______." To try to prevent trolling, I want to create a limit of how many crushes you can have at once, maybe 2. I also want to limit how many times you can click the "crush" button per month, again maybe twice a month. I don't want people clicking that they have different crushes every
    day. Also, to prevent trolling, I want to disallow homosexual crushes, only because I dont want mean girls to lead on a different girl that all these guys have a crush on her.

    Sorry if that was confusing, but here's my main questions:
    -How do I code for registration and login?
    -How can I make this anonymous?
    -How can I create this "I have a crush on this person" button?
    -How can I create a limit on the number of crushes each user has at once/monthly?
    -How can I prevent girls from 'crushing' girls/ guys 'crushing' guys?

    I am a beginner at coding and I have limited knowledge of html. I really appreciate any help you
    can give me.
    Thanks a ton!!!
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    Either hire a programmer or break it down into small bits, you're going to need to learn HTML, PHP and MySQL and get learning!

    There's a million and ten tutorials out there in google-land just waiting for you to go through which will team you the basics.

    In the meantime, I've stolen your idea and as I'm a better programmer than you, you can check out my "Friend-face" site in the next few days.
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    This is probably not the best business idea, especially since "no gay kids" is one of your starting requirements. There's plenty of anonymous high school rating apps out there, most of them tied back into Facebook.

    However, to make this site you just start learning how to make websites. The New User Guide goes into the basics of what languages are required, how to use the manual, and common pitfalls and errors you'll come across. There's nothing particularly difficult about what you've suggested other than connecting to facebook.
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    "Also, to prevent trolling, I want to disallow homosexual crushes, only because I dont want mean girls to lead on a different girl that all these guys have a crush on her."

    makes no sense.. just come out and say you are homophobic...

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    • Jacques1 agrees : A crush app with an anti-gay blocking mechanism. I laughed.

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