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    Cannot update database

    Hi, I've got the below code which runs without errors but won't update the database is there something i'm missing?

    Thanks PHP Addict

    PHP Code:
         $DBConnection = new database_connector('MyDB'); //Initialize database connection

    if(isset($_POST['Submit']) && $_POST['Submit'] == 'place order'){
    $_POST['OrderQuantity'] as $OrderID => $OrderQuantity){    //Validate form input
    if(!is_int($OrderID)){    //Check for form injection tampering
    die('Error(911): We were unable to process your request');    //Kill script

    ctype_digit($OrderQuantity)){    //User has typed non digits in to the Stock Quantity field
    $UserMessage 'Please ensure only digits 0 - 9 have been entered in to the stock quantity field and resubmit your order';

    #insert in to db
    $OrderDelivery date('Y-m-d'$Delivery->get_deliveryDate());

                         INTO stock_orders (Quantity, Price, StockitemID, DeliveryDate, KitchenID, UserID)
                          VALUES (:Quantity, :Price, :StockitemID, :DeliveryDate, :KitchenID, :UserID)
                          ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE
                          Quantity = :Quantity'
    $Statement $DBConnection->prepare($PS1SQL);

    $_POST['OrderQuantity'] as $OrderID => $OrderQuantity){
    $_SESSION['KitchenOrder'] as $Order){
    $OrderID == $Order['ID']){    //Insert in to DB
                     var_dump($Order); exit;
                     array (size=7)
      'ID' => string '32' (length=2)
      'Description' => string 'Cocoa Cola Can' (length=14)
      'Unit' => string '330ml' (length=5)
      'Case' => string '24' (length=2)
      'Price' => string '4.99' (length=4)
      'Quantity' => string '19' (length=2)
      'SupplierID' => string '14' (length=2)

    $Statement->bindParam(':Price'$Order['Price'], PDO::PARAM_INT);
    $Statement->bindParam(':StockitemID'$Order['ID'], PDO::PARAM_INT);
    $Statement->bindParam(':KitchenID'$_SESSION['KitchenID'], PDO::PARAM_INT);
    $Statement->bindParam(':UserID'$_SESSION['UserID'], PDO::PARAM_INT);
    #saved to db redirect back to control panel
    if(!$PS1SQL){die('Query failed!!!');}    //Testing only
    $DBConnection null
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    I don't do php or PDO, but to my untrained eye you are doing no error checking after each of the insert statements are executed in the inner loop.
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    Perhaps as a test to double-check, unless that is where you've gotten the commented lines you included, echo out all the values you use when running the bindParam functions. Run the echo just above/below that group, so you know that if() calculated as true and is even running this section.

    You can also place this echo in there to offer you a copy of what is intended to run, and this will echo the MySQL query to screen, and you can run the query manually in phpMyAdmin or such and make sure that string is successful, or see what response you will get with a 'more direct' use of the query.
    PHP Code:
    echo 'INSERT INTO stock_orders (Quantity, Price, StockitemID, DeliveryDate, KitchenID, UserID) 
    VALUES ("' 
    $OrderQuantity '", "' $Order['Price'] . '", "' $Order['ID'] . '", "' $OrderDelivery '", "' $_SESSION['KitchenID'] . '", "' $_SESSION['UserID'] . '") 
    ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE Quantity = $OrderQuantity;'

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    This is not directly related to your question, but I'd like to bring up a topic which I feel strongly about and will help in your troubleshooting.

    The vast majority of the php coders I've come across use a few coding practices which IMO make the code harder to read and maintain. I'm referring to the unnecessary over use of concatenation and excessively long line lengths.

    IMO (and what I was taught), line lengths should be kept below 80 chars as much as reasonably possible but can go over a little (no more than 100) on occasion.

    Concatenation (and its accompanying additional quotes) should be used only when it's required or logically and syntactically reasonable.

    Adjusting the quoting and vertical/horizontal whitespace will solve both of those problems and make your code more readable and maintainable.

    For example, I'd add a little horizontal white space to your bind param statements to line the vars up vertically (i.e., columnar format).
    PHP Code:

    ->bindParam(':Quantity',      $OrderQuantityPDO::PARAM_INT);
    $Statement->bindParam(':Price',         $Order['Price'], PDO::PARAM_INT);
    $Statement->bindParam(':StockitemID',   $Order['ID'], PDO::PARAM_INT);
    $Statement->bindParam(':DeliveryDate',  $OrderDeliveryPDO::PARAM_STR);
    $Statement->bindParam(':KitchenID',     $_SESSION['KitchenID'], PDO::PARAM_INT);
    $Statement->bindParam(':UserID',        $_SESSION['UserID'], PDO::PARAM_INT); 
    I'd do the same thing with the echo statement that Triple_Nothing used.
    PHP Code:
    # this can be changed to a heredoc, if you wanted
    echo "
    INSERT INTO stock_orders (
    VALUES (

    This makes it much easier to read, maintain and find errors.

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    • Triple_Nothing agrees : Nicely displayed. Visual appearance is EXTREMELY helpful in troubleshooting. ;-)

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