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    When is this package gonna get out dated? PHP + MYSQL + JQUERY + HTML 5

    It's 2017. I haven't been reading the news on web tech for a while.

    Is this package still hot "PHP + MYSQL + JQUERY + HTML 5"?

    Or is it (or parts of it) getting outdated and replaced by newer technology?

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    HTML 5 is the newest, so that should be fine.
    PHP + MYSQL should be fine as well, just remember not to use the mysql_ functions, but instead use mysqli or PDO (binded values).

    Regarding JQUERY, I am myself looking at something called AngularJS, which seems to be quite popular at this moment. Although I can't tell whether it is a replacement or an alternative to jquery.
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    Originally Posted by MrFujin
    Although I can't tell whether it is a replacement or an alternative to jquery.
    I'd say it's more like a companion. Angular makes use a jQuery, though it will use an internal lite jQuery like library if you don't provide the full jQuery library for it.

    They serve different purposes. Angular's purpose is to aid in developing client-side applications while jQuery's purpose is primarily to make working with the DOM easier.

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