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    advantages and disadvantages of PostgreSQL?

    what are the advantages and disadvantages of PostgreSQL?
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    --incorporation of a wide variety of procedural languages

    --writing SQL in C programs

    --SQL extensibility

    --after 7.3 DOMAIN support

    --subquery support

    --good for embedded applications

    --easily configurable

    --you can look at the backend and learn how a good RDBMS backend is written (indexing, data storage, etc.)

    --plays nice with Java (good JDBC support) and PHP


    --no default params in plpgsql

    --no support built into plpgsql to create web-based procedures (ala Oracle)

    --does not work well on windows (or so I've heard, I don't know who would want to...)

    --if you want help you can certainly get it, but it may entail getting on a mailing list

    --nobody will ever answer your questions about building rpm's and the PGDG spec file
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    --Everything Metabarf mentions (with the possible exception of (
    --good for embedded applications) *
    --High SQL standards compliance
    --Scales well and reliability is high
    --Although help may require joining a mailing list, the community is absolutely open to newcomers and very quick and helpful
    --A bunch of features MySQL doesn't have
    --(purely my opinion ) Most powerful and enterprise ready open source DB

    --nobody will ever answer your questions about building rpm's and the PGDG spec file heh, sorry i just don't build rpms
    --tweaking for speed requires more work than mysql as its packaged out of the box for compatibility
    --many more low budget hosting sites support mysql but not postgres
    --More open source apps support MySQL, but may not support Postgres
    --marketing seeing as Postgres is not owned by 1 company, it has had trouble getting its name out there despite being fully featured and comparable to other DBMSes out there
    --documentation, documentation is there and resources are around, but as those that maintain them are not full timers they may not be as accessible and pretty as the companies that dedicate resources to do that type of stuff

    *From what I've read it doesn't seem that pg is particularly well suited to be an embedded small app, I believe even Tom Lane, one of the PG developers recommended other databases for a small embedded db in one of the newsgroup postings. If proof is required of this I'll try and find that posting and link it here.

    PostgreSQL, it's what's for dinner...

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