postgresql version: 8.4.2-1
phppgadmin version: 4.2.2

Hello, I have looked around but I can't seem to find an answer for this seemingly simple task. I am brand new to postgresql and need to access data from a dump that a client gave me. I am trying to import a database from a .dmp file (from my research it seems this extension is associated with oracle, but I was told this is a postgresql dump) but am having difficulties.

I tried importing through phppgadmin, it imports the first 4 tables then I get a 'no server supplied' error.

I have also tried importing it through the command line but I am very new to using the command line as well. I have tried using the pg_restore command but do not how to actually execute the statement.

If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if your response includes some commands for the shell please tell me a sequence of what commands to type.

Some additional information is the dump is about 400Mb and includes some images saved within the database.

Thanks a lot.