Hi guys,

I am looking for a solution to a problem i am having with a pair of databases we have.

I am looking to migrate my databases from one set of hardware to another all the servers are running 9.2.

At the moment we have a primary server replicating to a secondary server via the streaming method (server1 and server2). If the primary every fails we can use the trigger file on the secondary to bring the database back up and running.

Though i am going through a process of upgrade all the database hardware.

I have another pair of databases ready to take over(server3 and server4).

I want to be able to add server3 as a hot standby to server1, then have server4 as a hot standby for server3. Then fail over to server3 and have the new database in production.

The problem i have is that when i fail over to server3 using the trigger file it will increment the timeline which will stop the replication of server4.

The work around i am using at the moment is to put server3 into base backup mode and rsync the data to server4 which can take a few hours.

Is there an easier way to do this? Or a way for server4 to recognise the timeline change on server3?