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    Postgresql 7.1.x vs 7.3.x


    1. Anyone know what are the differences between version 7.1.x and 7.3.x?
    2.What should be consider if upgrading 7.1.3 to 7.3.3?

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    Well at work I'm still using 7.1.3, but at home I'm on 7.3.3. I haven't been able to mess with 7.3.3 as much as I would like, but AFAIK from the mailing lists and the postgres site 7.3.3 has:
    *more support for schemas and domains
    *lots of bug fixes and optimzations
    *increased functionality within pl/pgsql

    Some of the postgres users may be able to provide more info. I want to upgrade here at work, just waiting for some dead time between projects, however in all honesty with the way things are going I'll probably upgrade around 7.4.1 .

    BTW, you can find the pg changelog here

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    The following were introduced in the 7.3.x series:

    - Schemas: ability to separate tablespaces and privileges based on users and groups

    - Domains: basically, these act like custom named datatypes that you can reuse anywhere. Domains can only be simple, scalar types, consisting of any configuration of an established type, such as CREATE DOMAIN zipcode AS char(5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '33044'. (although IMHO domains won't be fully functional until 7.4, where they can contain CHECK constraints). Domains are not to be confused with the arbitrarily complex datatypes one can create with CREATE TYPE in PostgreSQL.

    - Set-returning functions: stored procedures that can "act" like tables, so they can be queried to return rows and columns of data, as in "SELECT * FROM myprocedure('myparameter')".

    - Various other small changes to many areas of the system, mainly for performance/bug fixes.

    Like bcyde, I am eagerly awaiting 7.4, which will have quite a few new goodies .
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