I was so intrigued by hearing this program mentioned over and over, I decided to try it out. I am working with an older box, redhat 6.2, 2.2 kernel, but I've pumped it up with a bunch of new stuff, like new(er) postgres, new php, new apache... I tried to get the newest version of phppgadmin, and I ran into a problem that it said, your config.inc.php file is out of date! so I looked around, and changed it actually back to what it was for the older version of the program, and I could get the index page to come up OK. The problem at that point was, I could not see my db server on the list, there were no servers listed at all. I tried adding and changing that configuration file to no avail, and ended up trying an older version of phppgadmin (this time I got 2.4.2) and I was able to get it to work. I want to know, how can I get the newer version to work? it looks like it has more sophisticated methods of generating db reports. also, will it hurt that I left those report tables in from the newest version install?