k i have installed and hava postgres running on xp for 8 months now...

but i have recently purchased a server and running window 2003 on it..

i install postgres using "PgSQL731wina1.exe"

it installs but i get this error at the end which i think is related to my problem (which i will expain in detail)

my name is "Administrator"
computer name is "NsxBox"

error message is

"chown: ' Administrator.unknown': invalid group
In: '/bin/postmaster': File exists
initdb:You must identify where the data for this database system will reside
then it asks me to enter a password for "Adminstrator" (i set it to "")

after tinking with postgres just so when i start the service to stay opened (the cmd window would open and close fast with error)

i get postmaster start sucessfully .....database is ready.....

then i try to create a test database by do "createDb test"

i get the error
"pgsql FATAL user 'Adminstrator' does not exist
createdb: database creation failed"

i cannot create a user cause postgres thinks that 'Adminstrator' is not a valid user... i tries su postgres but the don't work either...

can someone steer in the right direction..any help would be much appreciated...if you need more details just ask...thanks in advance...