I wrote a Windows App to add rows into Postgres Tables. I wrote and tested this app using postgres v8.4.14.12263 on Windows 7 using Visual Studio 2010. It worked correctly. I now moved this .exe app to another computer running Windows 2008 Server which had postgres v8.4.3.1070 installed.

When running the app on this second computer, it complained that it could not find libpq.dll so I copied it from the Program files\postgreSQL\8.4\bin folder to Windows/System32. It still couldn't find it so I instead used the newer version libpq.dll file from the first computer and the app now found that dll but now complained that it could not find libintl-8.dll.

Both computers and PostgreSQL versions had version of libintl-8.dll so I copied that into Windows\System32.

The App still says it can't find libintl-8.dll. What is wrong? pgAdmin III is working correctly on both computers. My app works great on the first computer which I used for developing this app.