Hello there

I'm working with PostgreSQL-Server 9.0 and pgadmin III 1.16.1 under Microsoft Windows 7

So, that I do is the following thing:

- I shutdown the server service
- Then i copy the whole "data" directory to another computer
- I remove all content on destination computer from "data"-directory and copy the content of the "data"-directory from the other computer into it.
- I restart the server service (this works fine).

Then I open the pgadmin front-end and connect to the server. But what happend now is, I get a lot of cryptic errors

See screenshot here:
h t t p : / / w w w.klische.ch/masterthesis/postgres-problem.jpg
(sorry, since i cannot post a screenshoot and i'm not permitted to post an url I had to add spaces into the url. @admin: how can i otherwise explain my problem?????)

So, why do I not use pg_dump oder pg_dumpall? Because copy the whole data directory is in my case very simple and it's also a recommended method documented in the Postgres Manual.

What is wrong or what do I have todo to avoid there errors?

Also command line tools like pg_dump or other command line tools shows similar errors. And it's not possible to open things like a table structure in pgadmin anymore.

I also use Navicat and have the same problem.

I already tried things like vacuum clean or such options. But nothing seems to work.

If I want to select data in this database it's no problem: I can work with the database (Insert, Update, Delete, ...) without any problem!

Hope you have a hint for me.
Best regards