Hi I'm extremely new to PostgresSQL.

I have created a few tables and managed to alter table's and columns but I can't seem to grasp the inherit's part of it.

I have been struggleing with this part for a while now.

I created a table but have found out I need to create a table that inherits from 9 other tables and when those 9 other tables get changed the newely created table has to get the changes.

here is my code as follows :

SELECT "OID","CMAID","UpdateDate","SG21CODE","ErfExtent","ZoneBlocked","MunValue","MunValueYear","PurchaseP rice","PurchaseDate","RegisteredDate","ReportedSalePrice","ReportedSaleDate","BondHolder","BondAmoun t","DateIncluded","SchemeNo",geometry,"EUCat","UseCode","MUNCODE","SGUSAGE","ZoneDesc","Remainder"," SiteOnly","RegStatus","Buyer","SaleStatus","SaleType","TitleDeed","PostCode","Address4","Address3"," Address2","Address1","Ratepayer","OwnerIDNo","Owner","Zone","ErfUsage","Type","Suburb","SubSuburb"," Complex","StreetName", "Allotment","StreetNo","SchemeName","ErfNo",version

INHERIT ("WC","NW","NC","MP","LP","KZN","GP","FS","EC");

As I said I'm not to sure if this is correct and have tried a few different ways and methods. All of the 9 tables have the same columns headings but have different OID numbers and different CMAID numbers so either of these would work as a PK.

Any help would be greatly appreciated