Has anyone used the dbExperts' Windows port of PostgreSQL? I've been interested in using PostgreSQL but I'm not a Linux admin or anything so I wanted to use it on Windows. I've used MySQL on Windows without any problems but it's limitations don't give me enough confidence to use it in a production environment. So, does anyone have any info or experience with this package. I know that PostgreSQL is going to create a Windows native version sometime next year but I'd like to be able to use it before then.

I've also found some development tools to use with PostgreSQL that I would like to hear about if anyone had used them. A company named Core Lab has a .NET provider for PostgreSQL (they have one for MySQL that seems to work well) and another company named EMS has several tools (most importantly a management and query tool) for Windows. If anyone has experience with any of these tools I'd like to hear about them (especially in conjunction with the dbExperts PostgreSQL implementation).