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    How to create a smart dynamic word document allowing linked text sections etc.?

    I urgently need to develop (or have developed) an application allowing edition of word documents, enabling some sort of content control, and linkage between text sections. Let me explain the specific need: Im writing proposals for funding of R&D projects. The applications have sort of a hierarchical structure where the top level is overall objectives under which there are specific work package (WP) objectives. Below the WP objectives there are WP tasks which each has specific deliverables. So what I would like is an application that allows me to build this hierarchical structure easily just by putting in the different objectives. The application should create a word document based on the input and the hierarchical structure should somehow remain. It should be possible to erase one top level objective and then all sub level objectives should disappear with it. At the same time it should somehow be ensured that every objective along the chain is addressed by sub-objectives. Now, how could something like this be achieved? What sort of programming is necessary etc?
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    Use the master document feature of Word, possibly with a template and a couple of macros?

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