Hi ,

My Intention is to design a CMS (content management system) in C++.

I would like to have its architecture like:

.module driven
.keep html templates separate from c++ code
.use configuration files(in xml ?)
.various APIs, so that modules can call this APIs to generate various html files …

I need your expert advice on, how to achieve this goal best way?


I am using libgda from GNOME-DB project for connecting to database and Cgicc from Gnu for creating CGI apps in C++.
Both technologies works great…
And I am evaluating libTPT from http://tazthecat.net/~isaac/libtpt/ (maybe its useful for my purpose!)

I am not using other (scripting) languages because,
I need full blown, OO language with support to templates (STL) etc.
Java is too complicated and slow for me …

I would very much appreciate your help ….(If you can please…)

Thanks a lot. ;) ;) ;) ;)